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Covid-19 Rental Assistance

Many New Brunswick households have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to resolve that problem, the City of New Brunswick has allocated federal grant dollars to assist tenants in paying their back rent. The grant allows us to pay up to three (3) months of owed rent for qualified New Brunswick households. Below is the application for assistance.

Although the tenant is the one that must apply for the assistance, the funds are given directly to the landlord.

The first round of applications were accepted between Tuesday, December 22, 2020 and Tuesday, December 29, 2020. The program’s first round is now closed, however, the program will reopen with a second round on January 12th and continue to January 19th.  The maximum assistance available is $7,500.

2020 Fair Market Rent Table
Application -- English 

Application -- Spanish

Note:  For tenants receiving vouchers or other assistance, the benefit will be considered up to the amount that is their monthly portion of the rent.  For example: If your monthly rent is $2,000 and you receive voucher assistance that pays for $1,400 of your rent, your monthly liability is then $600 per month.  As such, three months of eligible rent per this program would be $1,800 ($600x3=1800).

Note:  Community Hope’s Supportive Services for VETERAN Families program can provide eligible veteran households with past due rent, security deposit, help with eviction and other supports such as case management. Please refer to the PROGRAM FLYER for details. Referrals can be emailed to SSVF@communityhope-nj.org.