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Covid-19 Rental Assistance


The Middlesex County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (MCERAP) is now live and accepting applications for assistance.  

* Click to learn about the MCERAP program details and eligibility.
* Visit the MCERAP online application portal to submit your application for assistance.
* Click on FAQs to find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the MCERAP.

Previous Program
As of May 1, the City of New Brunswick's rental assistance program is placed on hold. All qualified applicants are invited to apply to the Middlesex County Emergency Rental Assistance Program (MCERAP).

Veterans:  Community Hope’s Supportive Services for VETERAN  Families program can provide eligible veteran households with past due rent, security deposit, help with eviction and other support such as case management. Please refer to the PROGRAM FLYER for details. Referrals can be emailed to SSVF@communityhope-nj.org.