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Youth Services System

SPECIAL STATEMENT REGARDING PLAY SAFE FOR 2020: Due to the restrictions created by the COVID-19 outbreak, and for the safety and well-being of our campers, families and community, the New Brunswick Youth Services System (YSS) Play SAFE Program for the summer of 2020 has been suspended.

The specific social distancing requirements and mandates involving enhanced cleaning protocols, coupled with the limited number of activities that can be offered and the lack of access to indoor facilities forced us to make this difficult decision. 

We strive for the Play SAFE experience to be one that is rewarding and fulfilling for all who take part. These guidelines simply make it impossible for Play SAFE to be the memorable, safe and enjoyable summer activity we want it to be for all of the campers.

However, we are pleased to announce YSS will be supporting the Summer Food Program in conjunction with the New Brunswick Board of Education with breakfast and lunch distributions starting on July 7 and continuing through August 17.

Meals will be distributed each Tuesday and Friday from 10 a.m. until 12 noon at McKinley School, Paul Robeson School, Woodrow Wilson School and the Board of Education Central Office.

Tuesday’s distribution will include three days of breakfasts and lunches, and Friday’s distribution will include four days’ worth of meals. This ensures our campers will receive free breakfast and lunch seven days a week over a nearly six-week period.

We wish all parents and children a healthy, safe and happy summer, and look forward to welcoming campers back for the Play SAFE program in 2021.


Debido a las limitaciones creada por el brote del COVID-19 y para la seguridad y bienestar de nuestros campistas/niños, nuestras familias y la comunidad, el programa de New Brunswick Play SAFE (Jugar Seguro) del Programa de Servicios para la Juventud (YSS) para el verano de 2020 se ha suspendido.  
Los requisitos específicos de la distancia social y los mandatos que involucran las prácticas de limpiar arduamente, juntado con la cantidad limitada de actividades que se pueden ofrecer y la falta de acceso a las instalaciones con espacios adentro, tuvimos que tomar esta decisión tan difícil. 

Tratamos de asegurar que la experiencia de Play SAFE (Jugar Seguro) sea gratificante y satisfactoria para todos quienes participan. Estas guías lo hacen básicamente imposible para Play SAFE ser la actividad del verano inolvidable, segura y agradable que queremos que sea para todos los campistas.

Sin embargo, es nuestro placer anunciar que YSS apoyará el Programa de Suministro de Alimentos del Verano en colaboración con la Junta de Educación de New Brunswick desde el día 7 de julio hasta el día 17 de agosto de 2020.

Se distribuirán las comidas cada martes y viernes entre las horas de 10:00 A.M. hasta las 12:00 P.M., en las escuelas McKinley, Paul Robeson, Woodrow Wilson y en la Oficina Central de la Junta de Educación.

La distribución del martes se incluirán desayunos y almuerzos por tres (3) días y la distribución del viernes se incluirán desayunos y almuerzos por cuatro (4) días. Este plan asegura que nuestros campistas recibirán desayuno y almuerzo gratis siete (7) días a la semana por una duración de casi seis (6) semanas.

Les deseamos a todos los padres y niños un verano saludable, seguro, feliz, y esperamos dar la bienvenida a los campistas para el programa Play SAFE en el verano del 2021.

**All YSS programs are suspended until further notice**

New Brunswick’s Youth Services System provides comprehensive after-school programming for New Brunswick residents ages 6-15. This program operates at eight schools within New Brunswick, providing the opportunity for children from all parts of New Brunswick to participate at a site close to their home.

Activities provided in through the Youth Services System include homework assistance, peer counseling, leadership training, athletic programming, and workshops in music, drama, and photography.

The Youth Services System strives to bring together business leaders, social service agencies, community groups, and educators in an effort to offer programming which will be most beneficial to participants. Parents and other family members are encouraged to take part in much of the programming. 

The Youth Services System has also formed partnerships with several departments at Rutgers University to provide educational, training, and internship opportunities for Rutgers students as well as leadership, staffing, and financing for YSS participants.

For more information, call (732) 745-5300, ext. 5488