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1/26/2021: Attempted Adult Abduction on Easton Avenue

1/30/2021: Man Charged for Attempted Kidnapping

2/5/2021: Somerset Man Charged in New Brunswick Double Homicide

2/8/2021: Assault and Carjacking Under Investigation

2/27/2021: Fatal Shooting Under Investigation

2/28/2021: Bound Brook Man Charged with Murder

3/14/2021: Suspect Arrested in Hamilton Street Carjacking

3/16/2021: Residential House Fire Results in the Fatality of a City Resident

3/22/2021: Distracted Driving Campaign 2021

4/19/2021: Fatal Shooting Under Investigation

4/20/2021: Maurrasse Charged With Murder

5/14/2021: Seat Belt Enforcement and Education Campaign to be Conducted Locally as Part of Nationwide Click It or Ticket Mobilization May 24 – June 6, 2021

5/24/2021: Suspect Arrested in Connection with Two Shootings

6/5/2021: Shooting at Area Hotel Leaves One Injured

6/18/2021: Shootings Under Investigation

7/29/2021: Fatal Shooting Under Investigation

8/2/2021: WANTED for attempted murder - suspect charged with shooting inside Nichol Avenue residence

8/4/2021: Two Teens Arrested and Charged with Murder

8/11/2021: South Brunswick man charged with armed robbery following car chase

8/26/2021: Altercation in Somerset Street Apartment Results in Shooting (updated to include photos)

8/28/2021: Police Investigate Home Invasion Robbery

8/31/2021: New Brunswick Patrol Officer Delivers Baby Girl

9/15/2021: East Windsor Man Charged for New Brunswick Shooting

9/21/2021: Drug Investigation Results in 11 Arrests