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Office of Emergency Management

Welcome to the Bureau of Emergency Preparedness
Office of Homeland Security & Counter Terrorism
Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
Marine Unit

K-9 Explosive Detection Unit

The NBPD Bureau of Emergency Preparedness oversees a variety of specialty units within the city’s police and fire departments. These units include:

  • Office of Homeland Security & Counter Terrorism
  • Office of Emergency Management
  • Crisis Response Unit
  • Marine Unit
  • K-9 Explosive Detection Unit

These units play a critical role in ensuring the security and safety of the residents and visitors to the City of New Brunswick in response to crises that include the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Hurricane Sandy in 2012, and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Located directly between Philadelphia and New York City, the City of New Brunswick encompasses some of the busiest mass transit routes within the State of New Jersey, be it train, bus, or car. These include the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor, Coach USA/Suburban Transit Bus Lines, the Route 18 and Route 1 corridors, and the New Jersey Turnpike. With two major hospitals in addition to Rutgers University and the Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters, the City of New Brunswick sees hundreds of thousands of people traveling through and within the city on a daily basis. 

The Office of Homeland Security & Counter Terrorism monitors trends in those transportation routes, thereby analyzing intelligence within the New Brunswick community and into neighboring communities to provide the city’s police officers with the necessary information to protect and create a secure environment.

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is tasked with overseeing all catastrophic incidents within the city, and coordinating the city’s resources to include the police, fire, EMS, public works, and health departments in the event of a major incident. In addition, the OEM prepares and trains for response to incidents which could potentially cripple the city. These include pandemics, floods, power failures, large fires, civil unrest, and terrorist attacks.


Marine Unit
The NBPD Marine Unit consists of highly trained officers specializing in marine and watercraft safety and enforcement. In agreement with Middlesex County, the NBPD Marine Unit is tasked with patrolling all tidal waters within Middlesex County. The NBPD Marine Unit works closely with the Perth Amboy Police Marine Unit to accomplish their goals. The patrolled waterways include the Raritan River, Raritan Bay, South River, Arthur Kill, Rahway River, and Morgan Creek. The NBPD utilizes a 24-foot SeaArk patrol boat powered by twin 200 horsepower Evinrude engines.

K-9 Explosive Detection Unit
The NBPD K-9 Explosive Detection Unit consists of two explosive detection canines named Odin and Blitz. Odin is a Sable German Shepard trained to “sniff out” explosive materials. The K-9 Unit is used to search schools and other buildings in the event of bomb threats and other explosive related incidents.