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Identification and Technical Services Unit

Personnel in the New Brunswick Police Department’s Identification and Technical Services Unit are trained in crime scene investigation and provide the Police Department with services in criminal investigations as well as suicide and unattended death investigations. First and foremost they are responsible for responding to crime scenes where their responsibility is to photograph, collect and preserve evidence found at the scene and prepare recovered evidence for further scientific analysis. Crimes investigated include Robbery, Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault and Burglary and provide assistance to Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, who has jurisdiction in homicide investigations. Members of the Identification Unit are trained in fingerprint development through various methods including powders, cyanoacrylate and chemical enhancement and provide expert witness testimony of those findings in court.

Aside from criminal investigations, members of the Identification Unit are responsible for day to day operations within the department which include intake and storage of all departmental evidence and transfer of evidence to various labs for testing and court for trial. They are also responsible for Classification and storage of fingerprints of arrested persons and providing community services of firearms licensing and civilian fingerprinting.

Firearms Permits:

  • All firearms applications are now handled online and can be located at teh following website: www.njportal.com/njsp/fars  When prompted to enter an ORI #, please enter NJ0121400.  This ensures that the New Brunswick Police Department recieves your application.  You will be contacted via the telephone number used on the application to advise you when the background investigation and all pertinant paperwork is completed and available for pickup.  As always if there are any questions in regards to the application process you can contact the Identification Bureau 732-745-5216.