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NBPD Divisions

Deputy Director JT Miller, Division Commander
Criminal Investigation Division
25 Kirkpatrick St. - 2nd floor
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 745-5217

Juvenile Aid Bureau
(732) 745-5222

Street Crimes Unit
(732) 745-5215

The Criminal Investigation Division consists of:

  1. Major Crimes Unit
  2. Intelligence/Narcotics Unit
  3. Street Crimes Unit
  4. Juvenile Unit
  5. Identification & Technical Services Unit

The Criminal Investigation Division of the New Brunswick Police Department is represented by a highly motivated and knowledgeable group of detectives. All Detectives in the division have received extensive training in advanced investigative methods. In addition to this expertise our success is facilitated by progressive computer technology as well as a pro-active administration.

The Criminal Investigation Division takes pride in not only solving violent crimes, but preventing them as well. This is accomplished through various investigative strategies such as prolonged investigations in areas most affected by specific crimes, surveillance of target areas, joint operations with other units of the New Brunswick Police Department as well as with outside agencies, and in taking a community policing strategy dealing with quality of life issues.

The City of New Brunswick as multi-cultural, multi-lingual, factionalized city maintains a diverse investigative team highly committed to solving crimes in combination with the desire to unify and prevent future incidents.

We don’t rest until our cases are solved and peace is restored to our neighborhoods.