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Intelligence/Narcotics Unit

(732) 745-5215

The Intelligence/Narcotics Unit of the New Brunswick Police Department is the Drug Enforcement Squad of the police department. The duties of this unit include:

Conduct narcotics investigations in the City of New Brunswick by the following means:

  • Respond to citizen complaints of drug activity.
  • Conduct surveillance of known drug areas and effect arrests of drug dealers and buyers.
  • Develop sources of information that can be utilized to gather information and make controlled drug purchases to be used as probable cause for seeking search warrants.
  • Execute search warrants for premises, cars and people as permitted by judicial authority.
  • Seize illegal narcotics as well as the illegal gains of such activity such as cash, cars, etc.

As many investigations cross city boundaries the detectives work with the Middlesex County Narcotics Task Force as well as officers in surrounding towns. We also rely on the Task Force as a source of additional personnel and equipment when investigations require that we do so.

Detectives provide assistance to members of the Patrol Division with drug identification and provide mutual aid as needed.

Detectives testify in various court proceedings including Municipal Court, Family Court, Superior Court and Grand Jury both as fact witnesses and as expert witnesses.