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Juvenile Aid Bureau

The Juvenile Aid Bureau has the responsibility of investigating crimes against children as well as the following:

  • Conducts conferences with the City School Administrator concerning various child related issues such as Child Abuse, Journal Writing of the Student, Family Value Issues and any matters concerning suspicious person(s) in and around school property.
  • Conducts seminars with the New Brunswick Education Association concerning family unity.
  • Conducts follow up investigations on any and all juvenile related matters.
  • Proactively patrols and monitors problem areas.
  • Proactively engages in street communication with city youth.
  • Conducts investigations into Missing persons.
  • Monitors and patrols school grounds during openings, playground time and closing.
  • Works in conjunction with the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office, DYFS and other State agencies.
  • Monitors Juvenile gangs and graffiti.
  • Maintains a liaison between schools and the police department.

Juvenile Aid Bureau:

(732) 745-5222