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Major Crimes Unit

The Major Crimes Unit is part of the Investigation Division of the New Brunswick Police Department. This unit is comprised of several Detectives with numerous years of police experience who are highly motivated to solve any crime that may occur within the confines of New Brunswick. Detectives in this unit provide 24-hour per day, 7-day per week coverage to the police department.

Each detective is trained in the most modern and advanced techniques of crime solving in various fields. This training, combined with extensive experience, makes the Major Crimes Unit highly successful in solving crimes and prosecuting those individuals responsible for it.

Within the Major Crimes Unit there are several squads that specialize in solving particular crimes. The detectives assigned to these various squads receive extensive training in these specialized areas to better serve the New Brunswick Community.

The responsibilities of the Major Crimes Unit include the following:

Follow up on all violent crimes that occur within the City of New Brunswick. This includes Homicide, Rape, Aggravated Assault, Kidnapping and Robbery.

Follow up on all crimes against property/persons. This includes Burglary, Theft, Criminal Mischief, Arson, Bad Checks, Flim Flams, Credit Card Fraud and Computer-related Crimes.

Follow up on any incident of a suspicious nature, unusual circumstances and citizen complaints.

Proactive investigations are initiated by intelligence gathering or information supplied by citizens.

Proactive surveillance of areas being targeted by individuals for criminal endeavors.

Assistance to Local, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies for investigations in their particular jurisdictions.

Case preparation assistance to the Middlesex County Prosecutors Office for Superior Court Trials.

Effect warrant arrests for wanted individuals.