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Energy Aggregation for Residents

The City of New Brunswick is currently participating in an Energy Aggregation Program with Direct Energy Services, our authorized 3rd-party supplier. All City residential accounts were enrolled in July unless an individual opted out, or was already subscribed to a different 3rd-party supplier. All City residents enrolled in our program now buy electricity from Direct Energy, but PSE&G continues to distribute it to our homes.  

If enrolled, your monthly bill still comes from PSE&G. You will see on the last page of your bill that Direct Energy is named as your 3rd-party electricity supplier. Their winning rate is .11386 per kWh,and is guaranteed fixed until the end of our contract in December 2020, so you won't see any fluctuations in rates from month to month, or inside a given month.

In addition to a fixed rate, 50% of our electrical energy supply now comes from renewable sources, thus decreasing our carbon footprint and keeping environmentally conscious. We currently utilize the highest percentage of green energy than any other municipality in the State.

The City's 
Energy Aggregation Program with Direct Energy Services went into effect in July 2019 and runs through December 2020 (17 months).  To be part of this cost-savings, fixed rate, renewable energy program, you did not have to sign anything.  If you find that you are not currently enrolled in the City's aggregation program and would like to opt in at no cost for the remainder of the program, please visit www.renewableNB.com, or call (866) 968-8065.

Be Aware: There are many other 3d party suppliers in the marketplace.  They have solicitors that may show up at your door or send you mail to advertise their own programs. It can be confusing to residents, but these are NOT the City's program. Solicitors may tell you they work with the City or with PSE&G, but they are not part of our City program. Please be aware of these sales pitches. Our program is in place until December 2020, and there is no need for any representative to ask you for further information.

  • If you receive something in the mail and are asked to sign or send back an enrollment card or letter, this is NOT the City program.
  • If you receive a phone call regarding any energy services, this is NOT the City program.
  • If someone shows up at your door to talk about energy programs, this is NOT the City program.
  • If you are asked for your name, address, account number, or any other identifying information, this is NOT the City program.
All information regarding the City's Government Energy Aggregation Program with Direct Energy will come to you by mail from the Office of the Mayor, with the CITY SEAL on the envelope.

If you have any questions about the City's program, or feel you are being solicited for another program that is not authorized by the City, please call the Mayor's Office at 732-745-5004 and we will be able to tell you if it's part of our program.

For detailed information online about the City's energy aggregation program, please visit www.renewableNB.com.