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Energy Aggregation for Residents

*** Important Messages to Our Community Regarding Energy Aggregation:

(September 7, 2021 UPDATE) - The City is on track to go out to bid again on September 22, 2021 with Commercial Utility Consultants/Concord Engineering Services for a SECOND Municipal Energy Aggregation program. If a qualifying bid is accepted, our program will begin shortly after. If no bids appear to be advantageous to accountholders, the City will repeat the bidding process in early 2022.

(May 21, 2021 UPDATE) - The City received bids on May 20, 2021 through energy agent Commercial Utility Consultants for a second energy aggregation program that would begin in 3rd quarter. Two bids arrived, but neither was priced advantageously for the residents/account holders in the City, therefore, no bids were accepted. 

(April 16, 2021 UPDATE) - The City is on track to go out to bid again on May 20, 2021 with Commercial Utility Consultants/Concord Engineering Services for a SECOND Municipal Energy Aggregation program. 

(February 24, 2021) - The City's
FIRST Municipal Energy Aggregation (MEA) program (by contract with Direct Energy) concluded in December 2020 at the end of our 17-month contract.  The program was a success! Account holders realized a small savings over the term of the contract because our fixed rate with the 3rd party electrical energy supplier was lower than that of PSE&G in most of the 17 months.  Another advantage: 50% of the electrical energy came from renewable sources, thereby yielding a reduction in the City's carbon footprint. The program was a WIN/WIN for all.

Community OUTREACH will take many forms in an effort to get news and information of the new program to all PSE&G account holders, including our social media (Facebook and Twitter), our Website, Senior Resources, and a series of virtual meetings in English and Spanish.

  • To participate in the City's MEA program, you do not need to SIGN anything or give ANY personal information to anyone.
  • NO ONE associated with the City's MEA program will contact you by phone, email, or in person at your home. All correspondence regarding the City's program will arrive by postal mail on City/Mayor letterhead.
  • All PSE&G account holders that do not have solar panels or participate in an individual 3rd party supply deal will be automatically registered in the City program.
  • There is NO RISK to participate. Account holders can opt out of the City's MEA program at any time and revert back to PSE&G for their electrical energy supply with a simple call to an 800 number. 
  • No matter which company supplies the electricity, PSE&G will always deliver it. 
  • You will still only receive one bill per month from PSE&G, and our contract-winning supplier will be noted on it. 
  • New for the City's second MEA program:  Account holders will also have the ability to log into an account to see your savings in the new program every month.

Additional Notes...
  • Be aware of independent 3rd party suppliers that may start soliciting individual account holders with promises of low rates. These solicitations come by mail, phone, email, or in person at your door.  They may say they represent the City or PSE&G, but they do not.
  • Do not give your PSE&G statement, PO ID number, or any identifying information contained on it, to any representative unless you truly wish to do business with an independent 3rd party supplier outside of the City’s Municipal Energy Program. 
  • Beware of phishing scams whereby a 3rd party supplier can phone you and make PSE&G's phone number appear on your caller ID. When in doubt, hang up and call back PSE&G to find out if they tried to reach you. If they did, it will be noted in your file.

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To read the City of New Brunswick's Renewable Energy Ordinance, click HERE.