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Duck Race

Sunday, September 22, 2019

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The Beez Foundation Rubber Duck Race

Senior driveby

The Beez Foundation’s famous Duck Egg

One of the festival’s main highlights is the Beez Foundation’s annual Rubber Duck Race. 5,000 rubber ducks are hoisted into the air in a jumbo duck egg and dropped into the Raritan River with a splash!



Ducks in a row on the NBPD boat after taking a dip in the Raritan River

Ducks can be “adopted” via the Beez Foundation website in advance as well as in Duckland during the festival. To adopt a duck, visit the Beez Foundation website at www.beezfoundation.org.

The Beez Foundation


The Beez Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization that raises money and public awareness to cure brain cancer through research, education and related support activities for pediatric cancer treatment. For more information on the Beez Foundation’s work, visit www.beezfoundation.org.